The Malawi Learning Partnership

Our Partners

The MLP Project only exists and is developing because we are working in Partnership. This project is ‘Created in Malawi, Lessons created by Malawians, for Malawians’.

To make a successful partnership, everyone has to bring their best to the table. The following partners are directly involved in this project:


The District Education Office
Blantyre Rural

The Ministry of Education, Science & Technology

The District Education Office of Blantyre Rural has made this an official COVID-19 response project to help learners during the COVID-19 crisis but then also beyond COVID after schools return.


Hope 4 Malawi

Hope 4 Malawi are working with the project, helping plan the strategy, test and develop the app and work with teachers and communities to record lessons and make them available to students in Malawi. They are also engaging volunteers to support the lesson recording process and working on lesson quality control.


The Jacaranda Foundation

Jacaranda run a school for orphans in Blantyre as well as a skills training centre and they know the value of education. They are helping us by providing their Cultural Centre in Blantyre to record lessons and enabling their staff to help with the recording process.


Fisherman’s Rest Community Projects

Fisherman’s Rest Community Projects work across two education zones of Blantyre Rural, engaging with over 20 schools. They are helping to engage teachers and enable the learning resources to be used by students in their areas. They are also making their properties available for meetings, recordings and encouraging their staff to get involved in the project.