The Malawi Learning Partnership

Privacy Policy

The Malawi Learning Partnership Project seeks to help young people reach their full potential. We believe this is an extremely important role and we take this seriously, as well as the privacy of our students and users.

The MLP App is a learning tool for students mapped to the Malawi Curriculum.

The initial version of the App does not collect any personal information of students and general users. The App can be accessed without a logon to view the lesson content. The app does collect basic contact information of teachers (not limited to Name, Surname, E-mail, Telephone, School) who voluntarily supply this data to allow them to manage their lessons on the app platform.

The MLP App does not collect any background data or location information. However, it does use Google Analytics and other Services which may collect information to enable us to understand if the App is functioning.

Teachers who provide content will have their basic information linked to the lessons they create either through the app or other content creation tools. This is currently limited to their public name and the school they are working at.

Sponsors of lessons will have their company name and logo displayed within the app.

Any data intentionally or unintentionally gathered during the use of the app will only be used specifically for the purposes of MLP projects. Data will not be shared beyond the Direct Official Partners and under no circumstances will be sold or provided without cost to third parties without explicit written consent from the individuals concerned.

In the future, the app will allow content to be generated in the app and allow for communication between teachers and students. When these features are released, the privacy policy will be updated.

The current policy is valid for version 1.0.0.