The Malawi Learning Partnership

YWAM Education

YWAM Education is the education circle run as a ministry focus at YWAM Blantyre. YWAM is a Christian Mission Organisation that seeks to engage in development projects that enable and raise people up. In YWAM, we are passionate about education as we believe that we are called to influence the spheres of society and enable young people to become who God has made them to be.

At YWAM Blantyre, we currently work in Education in the following ways:

Thanthwe 2 Christian Mission Primary School

Thanthwe 2 is a Government Mission Primary School that we built as YWAM and run in partnership with the District Education Office. The School is operated as a government school as part of Mpapa Zone and serves over 500 young people who live in Chiwaya Village. The School opened in 2018 and currently has 17 teachers allocated to serve the community.

YWAM continues to support the school to provide spiritual oversight, involvement in the management structures of the school through the various committees, providing professional development and developing the school as well as building relationships with the students, parents and teachers of the school.

Educational Training

YWAM is part of a Global Network and we offer professional development and training for education under the authority of the YWAM University, University of the Nations ( A key course is our ‘Educating for Life programme‘ where we walk with teachers for a year to develop their understanding of education, relationships with students and parents and support personal development as teachers.

The Malawi Learning Partnership Project

The MLP Project is our way of engaging nationally with education. The MLP App seeks to give any student with access to a mobile phone the ability to study and grow in knowledge and understanding so they can successfully pass primary education and go on to further study.

Our desire is that any child, or adult who has not finished primary education, will be able to study from home and build on what they managed to learn at school.

We work with Malawian Teachers to produce lessons directly mapped to the curriculum to provide a springboard that can help students raise their attainment when they complete Standard 8.